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I never realized that some of the anxiety I was feeling was related to the past and the relationships in my family, the expectations upon me and the idea of who I should be. Our painstaking work over the last few years has made a real difference. I am immensely relieved that I took the opportunity to work on things. In all aspects of my life I feel in a better and different place.
(Academic after 3 years of weekly psychotherapy).

Your unique listening abilities have really helped me understand my current situation and struggle with the difficult sides of myself that I really could not stand.
(Mangement Consultant after 6 sessions of counselling).

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how well I am doing at the moment. Thanks for all your help over the last hew years.
(Oxford MA Graduate - having had three lots of short term therapy over three years).

Despite being very successful in the “real world” having a place to really talk about what was going wrong with my personal life allowed me to begin to address longstanding issues in all my significant relationships. I look back and see the person I was before I began this inspiring and often painful journey to find myself. I can see how much I have changed. You have walked alongside me throughout. My great thanks.
(Local company director after 4 years of weekly psychotherapy).

My addiction was wrecking my life. Our weekly conversations have been life changing. My understanding of why I was using alcohol and drugs to blot out the pain in my life and your help in addressing this has been unimaginable and very positive not just for me but my young family.
(Lawyer after one year of counselling).

I had tried therapy a number of times before but each time only got so far and then decided it was enough. With your persistence and lets face it challenge of me I finally got through to the other side of how I normally avoid difficulty in relationships and in therapy. The world I am beholding now is a lot more varied and richer. I have begun the first serious relationship in my life. It is fantastic. Thanks.
(Doctor after two years of weekly counselling).

What I like about your supervision is the passion, compassion and understanding that you bring to the work. I have benefited hugely from your encouragement.
(Counsellor in training giving feedback on supervision received).

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